The agave is a plant with ten million years of accumulated wisdom. When the colonizers first encountered the agave plant, they called it “the tree of miracles,” for its innumerable benefits. It’s a primitive plant that welcomed the first settlers of Mexico, who called it Metl, providing them with materials for clothing, food, tools, honeys and other derivatives. Agaves are majestic plants which can live a very long time. They develop in a great diversity of soils and climates across the entire Mexican territory, and the plant can be used in its entirety. From the leaves we get a tough fiber, ixtle, that can be used to produce textiles, rope, and paper. Its sap has medicinal qualities and can be used to make pulque, another ancestral beverage of the region. From the heart of the agave, you can produce honey, and from the sugars, we produce a distillate as mystical as the plant itself.

All of our mezcals are produced from magueys endemic to the community of San Baltazar Guelavila

There are about eighty different types of magueys. All of our mezcals are made with agaves native to the community of San Baltazar Guelavila and its neighboring communities. These endemic specimens grow naturally without the use of fertilizers or chemicals. The particularity of an agave to its place mean that when we talk about mezcal, we’re also talking about terroir – the irreplicable effect of the unique environment and heritage of a plant on its mezcal.

The Singularity of Our Cultivation

Our wild agave crops grow in the clay, calcerous, and volcanic lands of the region of San Baltazar Guelavila. These distinct lands provide us with an incredible variety of agave species which allow us to produce mezcals across a wide spectrum of flavors and aromas. It’s because of the singularity of our cultivation that Grulani is able to offer one of the most extensive catalogs available today on the mezcal market.

Grulani has been cultivating, harvesting and reforesting its own agaves naturally for almost a century, working to protect and conserve the endemic species of the region. All the agave species we distill are endemic to our community. Each of them grows and develops in a different way, so the distillation technique is particular to each specie. Grulani offers seven different varieties of mezcal, crafted under the cultural heritage of the mezcalero master Leo Hernández: Espadín, Tobalá, Tobasiche, Lumbre, Jabalí, Coyote, and Tepeztate. Discover the unique characteristics of each below.