Without a doubt, our Lumbre is one of the most unique expressions we have in our catalog. As it’s endemic to our region of Oaxaca, and there are very few brands and mezcaleros who know how to properly distill it. This is partly due to the quality and potency of Lumbre’s sugars, which impart a very special flavor to our distillate of this maguey and make its yield similar to that of more common varieties, like Espadín.

Lumbre is a still an unclassified agave in the scientific family. It resembles the Agave Angustifolia, but has narrower, green leaves with striking pink tones. Its pink undertones and the spherical shape of its pineapple are the hallmarks of this variety of maguey.

The thorns of Lumbre’s leaves are less abundant, but the end of the leaf has a more pronounced thorn than the rest of magueys. The plant grows more upright than Espadín, but the biggest differentiator of Lumbre lies in the shape of its piña, which is rounder than that of Espadín. In addition, the average ripening time of this variety is somewhat shorter than that of Agave angustifolia at 9-10 years of age.

Grulani’s Lumbre is Distilled From 100% Lumbre Agaves

Grulani’s Lumbre mezcal is one of the most unique expressions we have in our selection, mainly because it’s difficult to reproduce outside the small environment of our community San Baltazar Guelavila, Oaxaca.

Its characteristic sugars add to its intensity, making it an interesting option for the craft cocktail bartender. However, as always, we recommend that you enjoy our mezcals neat, accompanied by only a glass of water.