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Made by
hand heart fire
Master mezcalero, Leo Hernández, selects the best agaves to create a product based on centuries of tradition.
Drink from our roots
Distilled with the most authentic and handcrafted Oaxacan tradition, Grulani evokes the spirit of the land and its ancestral power
100% artisanal
Grulani is artisanally made, following the same processes and with the same tools that our ancestors used 300 years ago.
100% wild
For more than a century, we’ve cultivated seven distinct varieties of wild agave which each require unique production and up to three distillations.
100% organic
From cultivation to fermentation, we use no artificial components, fertilizers or machinery. Just local, mineral-rich spring water when necessary.
Mezcal Grulani
Fire in the mouth
Grulani Community
Enter and discover the secrets and curiosities of our brand and the Mezcal category