Coyote belongs to the scientific family Agave americana. It’s one of the most abundant varieties in the community of San Baltazar Guelavila and a specialty of master mezcalero Leo Hernández. Coyote prefers to grow alone, and the average time for maturation is between 10 and 14 years. It has a medium-sized piña.

Coyote is characterized by its attractive, broad-based leaves with their small, sharp teeth along the margin. Coyote’s leaves can reach 2 meters in length. The fibers extracted from Coyote’s leaves can be used to make rope, and its quiote, the flowering part of the agave responsible for its reproduction, can be dried and used to construct roofs, walls, and fences. Distilling coyote is a complex and labor-intensive process but the result is a spectacular conversion of aromas and flavors.

Grulani’s Coyote is distilled from 100% Agave americana

The coyote maguey gives its mezcal a full body of dense flavors and nuanced aromas. The complexity of its sugars and the copious foam that Coyote produces during fermentation and distillation make this mezcal one of the most complex to produce in our catalog. Grulani’s Coyote is distilled three times in a copper still. To create just a single bottle of Grulani Coyote, we need approximately 25 kg of maguey. But we think it’s worth it. Coyote is a beautiful presentation of flavors and aromas despite its high alcohol content.