The wild Jabalí is endemic to the region of Oaxaca. It hides itself between rocks and is characterized by its dense rosettes, which can reach one meter high and have a diameter between 1 and 2.5 meters. Jabalí’s leaves contain a fiber called ixtle which is used by some communities in the state of Oaxaca to make a rope called jabalínas.

The Jabalí maguey belongs to the scientific family of Agave Convallis, a variety with much presence in our Sierra Sur here in the state of Oaxaca. It’s average time for maturation is between 12 and 15 years. Jabalí is a completely wild maguey, meaning you cannot artificially cultivate it, and it grows in hard-to-reach, rocky locations in our community. Because of this, the harvest, or “jima” is a complicated process.

Grualni’s Jabalí is distilled from 100% Agave convallis

This mezcal requires three distillations in the copper still, and to create just a single bottle of Grulani Jabalí, we need approximately 30 kg of maguey. Additionally, the complexity of its sugars and the foam it generates in both the fermentation and distillation processes make it one of the most complex and challenging that we produce.

It’s for all of these reasons, that Jabalí is perhaps one of the most exclusive mezcals in our catalog. On the nose, you discover dense, sweet notes and dry, rugged flavors with a caramel finish.