100% Maguey tobalá·46% ABV

Complex on the palate, with flavors of wood, leather, and with a dry finish, Tobalá is one of the stars of our collection. Best suited for medium to expert palates.


The Tobalá agave is one of the oldest and most widespread agaves in Oaxaca. Unlike other magueys, Tobalá grows in chalky soil with little rain.

To create Grulani Tobalá, we need between 17 and 20 kg of maguey per bottle. Depending on whether it’s the dry or rainy season, Tobalá is fermented for 3-5 days in pine wood vats and subsequently distilled twice in a copper still. The first distillation, or simple distillation, of Tobalá can reach up to 30% ABV.

years to reach maturation
Approximate kilos per plant
Average kilos per bottle


  • 100% Tobalá magueys
    (Agave Potatorum)
  • Cooked in an earthen oven
    for 5 nights and 4 days
  • Crushed with a stone mill
    pulled by a horse
  • Fermented for 3-5 days
    in pine wood vats
  • Distilled twice
    in a copper still
  • Adjusted with spring water
    until reaching 46% ABV
The Star of Grulani
Enjoy your Grulani Lumbre in our exclusive handcrafted, recycled-glass bottle in a 750 ml format, or as a 200 ml bottle, available as part of the tasting collection.
Maguey tobalá
(Agave Potatorum)

This type of wild agave is characteristic to the dry, interior lands of the Sierra Madre del Sur and the Sierra de Oaxaca, where it thrives in the mountainous terrain. Tobalá develops well in rocky soils with a high clay content, much like those of San Baltazar Guelavila, which give it notes of wood, straw, wild herbs, and a touch of sweetness. It’s one of the most abundant varieties in San Baltazar Guelavila.

Tobalá’s piña is rounded and can weigh between 25 and 80 kg. Its broad leaves and red thorns create its signature shield form.

Tobalá is abundant on our land
Its broad leaves and red thorns
The second most distilled variety