100% Espadín Maguey·45% ABV

Grulani’s Espadín has a smooth body and floral notes with hints of damp earth on the nose. It’s a perfect way to introduce yourself to the world of mezcal.


Due to the cold earth and shaded lands where our magueys grow, the time required to reach maturation varies between 10 and 12 years, which gives the plant a rich flavor profile, with more complex sugars than other Espadines.

To create Grulani’s Espadín, we need between 8 and 9 kilograms of magueys per bottle. Depending on whether it’s the rainy or dry season, Espadín is fermented for 3-7 days in pine wood vats, and subsequently distilled twice in the copper still. With the first distillation, the distillate can reach up to 50% ABV.

years to reach maturation
Approximate kilos per plant
Average kilos per bottle


  • 100% Espadín magueys
    (Agave Angustifolia)
  • Cooked in an earthen oven
    for 5 nights and 4 days
  • Crushed with a stone mill
    pulled by a horse
  • Fermented for 3-7 days
    in pine wood vats
  • Distilled twice
    in a copper still
  • Adjusted with spring water
    until reaching 45% ABV
A Singular Experience
Enjoy your Grulani Espadín in our exclusive handcrafted, recycled-glass bottle in our 750 ml format.
Espadín Maguey
(Agave Angustifolia)

Espadín is one of the few “domesticated” varieties of maguey, meaning that it can be reproduced through crops. Its unmistakable silhouette is due to its huge, blue-green, thorn-dotted leaves, which resemble the blades of a sword. Its commonality on the market coupled with its striking appearance is why it’s the symbol for many mezcal brands today.

Espadín is the most commonly distilled agave on the market, principally due to its high yield and relatively fast time to reach maturation of 5-7 years. In our case, because of the unique geographical and climatic characteristics of San Baltazar, our Espadín require more time to reach maturation, between 9 and 10 years.

Espadín in San Baltazar Guelavila
Details of its long, narrow leaves
The most-distilled variety of agave